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Your right to information

Each consumer has the right to receive information, either on hazardous chemicals, or articles which contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs).

Do you intend to buy chemicals, such as dishwashing detergents, paints or varnishes? Inform yourself properly before making a purchase!

Information about hazardous properties of chemicals, are available to everyone in Serbian language and can be found on the label or package of these chemicals. Label or package of a hazardous chemical has to contain hazard pictogram – an image including a warning symbol and specific colors, as well as appropriate textual information, like precautionary statements which indicate how to handle the product safely and what measures you should take if you are exposed to the product by accident.

However, it is of crucial importance that each consumer, before conducting a purchase and using chemicals, pays attention to the label and reads its content since it also provides information on safe use.

For that reason, always read the label on the package of a hazardous chemical!

Do you intend to purchase an article, such as office chair or PC equipment?                 Inform yourself properly!

If you are purchasing an article, you have the right to ask if it contains certain hazardous chemicals, so called SVHCs. Inform yourself and ask the retailer if an article you wish to buy contains SVHCs in the concentration higher than 0.1%.

As a consumer, you should use your right in order to receive the requested information whether an article, for example, furniture, toys, electrical devices etc, contains SVHCs from the List of Candidate Substances for the List of Substances of Very High Concern (further on: the List of Candidate Substances). The retailer obtains information about the content of SVHCs from the producer, importer or other distributors. In case you request this information, the company is obliged to provide them to you free of charge.

In order to exercise your rights, you can request information either directly from the shop where you bought the article or from its producer or importer. In principal, you should make your request in writing and provide all needed data about the article (exact name, description of the article, name of the producer or article code), in paper or in electronic form. The request for information should be addressed in free format and one of the forms is provided as the Model Letter.

In case that producer, importer of distributor is not familiar with this particular obligation, you can direct him to the information provided on the official internet page of the Ministry responsible for environmental protection, HelpDesk for Chemicals and biocidal Products (further on: HelpDesk).

Where does this obligation arise from? The Law on Chemicals? List of Candidate Substances?

List of Candidate Substances contains those substances whose characteristics indicate their hazardousness and their long lasting harmful effects on human health and the environment. These substances can cause, for example, cancer, affect reproductive system or can be harmful to the environment. Consumers have the right to know if an article contains any substance from this List, in the concentration above 0,1% weight by weight.

In a case of direct communication, the requested information has to be provided to the consumer by retailer or producer, importer or distributor of an article.

It is crucial to mention that these substances can be found in simple (single) articles, such as a ball, but also in more complex articles assembled of many parts, such as bicycles.

Inform yourself on what does the concentration higher than 0.1% of article’s weight by weight refer to!

It is of great importance to know that you have an opportunity to wisely choose during a purchase, that your choice and decision can contribute to the protection of your health and the health of your family, as well as to protection of the environment.

More information about the legal obligations of producers, importers or distributors of articles can be found on the official internet presentation of the Ministry competent for environmental protection (www.eko.minpolj.gov.rs).