About website

Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), international and national CSOs contributed to the development of the webpage IPOhem. This particular web presentation has been produced within the project “Capacity Building and Strategic Partnership for Chemicals Safety in the Republic of Serbia”, implemented by the Ministry competent for environmental protection with technical support of UNDP and financial support of the UNEP Quick Start Programme Thrust Fund.

This website contains information related to chemicals in everyday lives of citizens (e.g. detergents, paints, varnishes etc.), but also on other substances that are integral part of numerous products that can be found on the market (furniture, textile, toys etc.).

citanje-etiketaContent of this website is meant to inform the citizens about harmful chemicals they are getting in contact with, where those chemicals can be found and also about important information regarding purchase and usage of chemicals. The content of the website also indicates the need that consumers should prior to purchase or utilization of chemicals familiar themselves with the information provided at the product or packaging labels. This should contribute to minimization of exposure to harmful chemicals. On the other hand, consumers will be able to inform themselves about national legislation that contribute to minimization of health and environmental impacts of harmful chemicals, such as for example the Law on Chemicals. It also gives the information on how consumers can use their right to information prior to the purchase of certain products and ask the producer, distributer or retailer if the product they purchase contains the substances of very high concern (SVHC). In this way, consumers are in fact contributing to the awareness raising of general public and in particular of retailers that might not be fully aware of their legal obligations.

This website also contains a number of useful brochures, such as Shopper Guide for Purchase of Chemicals and Products, but also other topics and issues in focus.